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Our Earth's Mightest Hoopers Shirt is printed on an heavy duty LA Apparel tee, to give a boxy vintage look. The design is an exquisite mixture of the NBA GOATs and Marvel's "Big Three".


MJ is most like Thor because they are both god-like with their respective superpowers. Both can fly and they are the most physically gifted out of the 3.


Kobe is most like Iron Man becuase they both use their minds to be the best. They both don't posess any extreme superpowers like super-strength, super-speed or a 44 inch vertical. Iron Man uses his Intelligence to creat tech, suits, etc and Kobe uses his "Mamba Mentality" to work on his craft hone his skills.


LeBron is most like Cap becuase they are both the best leaders of the 3. If anyone in the NBA took the Super Soilder Serum, it would be Bron. 

Earth's Mightiest Hoopers Tee

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